Patch 5.0.4 thoughts

I have two.

1.  I have a water strider as a pet! So pretty!

I wonder if it does the same gloriously melodramic death dance as the ones roaming the wild?  I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t be wondering that about a beloved pet that puts its wing/fins/leg/things on the line for me.  Bad hunter, bad.


2.   The melee hunter dream is not dead.  Rejoice!

Blizzard loves melee hunters.  How do I know?  Easy.  The Mystery of Infinite sees a Future!Me summoned to help defend the Hourglass of Eternity.  Future!Minona is a melee hunter through and through, and the only logical conclusion I can draw from that is that Blizzard will slowly move hunters entirely melee over the next few expansions. 

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